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Branwen Suspiria Shoop (or 'Wendy' if 'Branwen' is too Welsh) is a Jill-of-weird-trades and retired songwriter living in Pennsylvania.
Current projects include her unacceptably janky retro gaming Youtube channel and building an archive to preserve the history of trans ppl in gaming.
Past exploits include running a scrappy little record label, napping her way through her own radio show,
playing in several touring bands (usually bass), and constantly flipping the power switch
on her on-again, off-again musical project called Girlchild (currently off again, hopefully for good. fingers crossed).
She loves peanut butter, malls (abandoned or otherwise) and nonplaces in general, the Roland SP-404SX, horror movie trailers,
weird underground early-80s Italian music, and the ouvres of Greg Dulli and Rhiannon Blackwood.
She was born on the moon and now resides in Pittsburgh with her girlfriend Quinn and their ridiculous feline daughter Raya.

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